Achieve CMS' three-part aim of improving care delivery, health, and reducing growth in costs.

Acurus combination of software (Capella-ACO) and Business Process Services helps ACO achieve the three part aim of Improving Care Delivery, Improving Health and Reducing Growth in Costs.

Acurus supports ACOs with Clinical/Claims data aggregation, Risk stratification, Financial Analytics, Population Management and Quality measures submission. Acurus is involved in Population Health, Patient Care Tracking / Management, Identifying Patient Care gaps, Discharge Instructions, Patient Education, Patient Outreach and Quality Measures calculation.

Care Coordination Document Management

To provide a consolidated, longitudinal view of patient health:

  • Patient Master Index - Patient Data Management
  • Integration with Providers - Physicians MUEHR Certified EHR, Hospital Systems
  • Integration with various ancillary service providers - Labs
  • Claims Data from CMS with Diagnosis and Procedure codes
  • LACE scores for hospital admits
  • RAF scores for all beneficiaries
Referral Management

Reduce cost by minimizing "out of ACO network" referral:

  • Master database of ACO providers
  • Dashboard of referrals by Provider, Specialty
  • Out of ACO Network referrals by Provider
ACO - Beneficiary List Management

To manage the population, it is important to maintain a master list of beneficiary and the associated data:

  • Initial beneficiary list from CMS
  • Identify patient coordinates - phone numbers, address
  • Track "Opt Out" letters and first physician interaction with beneficiary
  • Quarterly update to beneficiary list
  • Predictive model of beneficiary - quarterly aging report from each ACO provider
Population Management and Patient Engagement

Accountable for patient health and the associated costs, Acurus provides the tools and reports for ACOs to intervene and reach positive outcomes.

Capella-ACO dashboard for care coordinators:

  • RAF Scores of patients
  • Multiple combinations of Co-morbidity conditions
  • LACE Scores
  • Claims data expenses - both high and low expenditure patients
  • Identification of patients that have not had a preventive health check
  • Annual wellness check
Data Analytics for ACOs

Simple to read dashboard for ACO management:

  • Dashboard based on expenditures - real time
  • Per Beneficiary Per Month (PBPMTM) calculation to identify high risk patients
  • Dashboard for Care Coordinators - list of High Risk patient based on RAF, LACE, Expenses, Lack of office visits
  • Dashboard to monitor Year End Reporting Parameters