Achieve CMS' three-part aim of improving care delivery, health, and reducing growth in costs.

Acurus' combination of software (Capella-ACO) and Business Process Services helps ACO achieve the three part aim of Improving Care Delivery, Improving Health and Reducing Growth in Costs.

Acurus supports ACOs with Clinical/Claims data aggregation, Risk stratification, Financial Analytics, Population Management and Quality measures submission. Acurus is involved in Population Health, Patient Care Tracking / Management, Identifying Patient Care gaps, Discharge Instructions, Patient Education, Patient Outreach and Quality Measures calculation.


               Capella-ACO and Business Process Services

ACOs > Care Coordination Document Management

To provide a consolidated, longitudinal view of patient health:

  • Patient Master Index - Patient Data Management
  • Integration with Providers - Physicians MUEHR Certified EHR, Hospital Systems
  • Integration with various ancillary service providers - Labs
  • Claims Data from CMS with Diagnosis and Procedure codes
  • LACE scores for hospital admits
  • RAF scores for all beneficiaries


ACOs > Referral Management

Reduce cost by minimizing "out of ACO network" referral:

  • Master database of ACO providers
  • Dashboard of referrals by Provider, Specialty
  • Out of ACO Network referrals by Provider



ACOs > ACO - Beneficiary List Management

To manage the population, it is important to maintain a master list of beneficiary and the associated data:

  • Initial beneficiary list from CMS
  • Identify patient coordinates - phone numbers, address
  • Track "Opt Out" letters and first physician interaction with beneficiary
  • Quarterly update to beneficiary list
  • Predictive model of beneficiary - quarterly aging report from each ACO provider


ACOs > Population Management and Patient Engagement

Accountable for patient health and the associated costs, Acurus provides the tools and reports for ACOs to intervene and reach positive outcomes.

Capella-ACO dashboard for care coordinators:

  • RAF Scores of patients
  • Multiple combinations of Co-morbidity conditions
  • LACE Scores
  • Claims data expenses - both high and low expenditure patients
  • Identification of patients that have not had a preventive health check
  • Annual wellness check


ACOs > Data Analytics for ACOs

Simple to read dashboard for ACO management:

  • Dashboard based on expenditures - real time
  • Per Beneficiary Per Month (PBPMTM) calculation to identify high risk patients
  • Dashboard for Care Coordinators - list of High Risk patient based on RAF, LACE, Expenses, Lack of office visits
  • Dashboard to monitor Year End Reporting Parameters